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Principal's Message

  • Principal's Message - May 9, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 5/9/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!


    • I would like to welcome Track 3 back this Friday for the last push to the finish line. Track 2, your last day is Thursday and you will return to close out the 16-17 school year on Thursday, June 8th.


    • Track 1, EOG testing begins in 2 weeks on Wednesday, May 24th.  Students should be checking with their teachers to make sure all work is completed and turned in.  


    • We are still in desperate need of proctors!  Here are our current needs for Track 1 Testing:
      • May 24th:  10 more proctors needed
      • May 25th:  9 more proctors needed
      • May 26th:  7 more proctors needed
      • May 30th:  9 more proctors needed
      • May 31st:  7 more proctors needed
      • June 1st:  6  more proctors needed
      • June 2nd:  5  more proctors needed

    Here's what you can do to help:

    1. Make sure your volunteer registration is up to date. You will need to update your registration if you have not already done so this school year (since July 1, 2015).
    2. Sign up for the date(s) you are available to proctor on our Sign-Up Genius:
    3. Attend proctor training to be held on the morning of your first day of volunteer proctoring.


    • Meet the Teacher dates for the 17-18 school year will be July 6th from 2 - 4 pm for all four tracks!  Students will be able to pick up schedules, meet their new teachers, buy spirit wear, get bus information, add lunch money to accounts, and sign up for the PTA.  There is no set schedule for this event, but it is a come and go as you need during this time frame.  If you are not able to attend on this day, all of these activities will be able to get done at a later date.  All students will receive a schedule on their first day of school.  Open House dates will be announced shortly.


    • Track assignment information will be posted to our website this coming Thursday, so please look for that.  Salem Middle school has not had to make any major adjustments to our tracks for next year.  


    • Don’t forget to remind your students to thank their teacher this week during Teacher Appreciation Week.  They work hard everyday and would love to hear how their efforts this year have made an could even be a former teacher!


    I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.  Can’t wait to see Track 3 on Friday!


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  • Principal's Message - April 24, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 4/24/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!


    Just a couple of quick updates and reminders from your #SalemProud principal, Mrs. Hofmann.


    1. Don’t forget that tomorrow is the PTA’s spirit fundraiser at Pizza Dude.  A portion from all dine in/carry out sales throughout the entire day will be donated to Salem Middle!  It’s an easy and delicious way of supporting your child’s school.

    2. The PTA is also in full Yankee Candle fundraising mode!  This past week’s winner for the highest sales went to Ali P who won a $20 gift card to Wake Zone.  There are more prizes for this week as well.  Please order online using the information your child brought home from school.  It’s easy, it smells great, and will make awesome gifts for Mother’s Day, Graduations, Teacher Appreciation or just for yourself!

    3. Students who participated in the AMC8 math competition have received their test booklet to take home. This includes a personalized chart for each student that compares their answers to the correct answer. Your student has been invited to review the solutions during spartan time. We encourage students to make a personal goal to increase their score during next year's competition!

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  • Principal's Message - April 4, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 4/4/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!


    This is a weekly Salem Middle School update from Principal Elaine Hofmann.


    Calendar Reminders:

    • Friday, April 14th is a Holiday
    • Track 4 returns on Thursday, April 20th
    • Track 3 tracks out with their last day on Wednesday, April 19th


    SSA (Single Subject Acceleration) Nomination Window


    Please let Ms. Cindi Baker (AIG teacher) know if you are considering this for your  student for this spring testing window. The SSA information can be found on the Salem website. It is important to meet the strict deadlines (below). SSA assesses whether students already know the content of a math or language arts course in order to determine what the appropriate placement would be for the 2017-2018 school year. The next testing window will be the spring of 2018. I am happy to answer any questions you might have concerning SSA.


    Track 2 SSA nomination starts April 10  and ends April 24 at close of school day

    Track 1 SSA nomination starts April 11 and ends April 25 at close of school day

    Track 3 SSA nomination starts April 12 and ends May 18 at close of school day

    Track 4 SSA nomination starts May 5 and ends May 18 at close of school day


    Link to testing window chart:

    SSA Window


    Dress Code Reminders

    Parents, please remember that Salem Middle follows the Wake County guidelines for dress code.  With the warmer weather coming back, the shorter shorts are also coming back!  Middle School is a time of fast and furious growth, please make sure your students wardrobe keeps up.  Our expectations at Salem are:

    • No tank tops, spaghetti straps or strapless clothing
    • Shirts should cover the abdomen as well as cleavage, no midriffs should be exposed even when arms are lifted,
    • No short shorts or short skirts, proper body coverage should be ensured at all times
    • Pants should be pulled up and belted if necessary to prevent sagging

    Thank you for partnering with us to ensure we maintain an environment that is conducive to learning!  You will be called to bring a change of clothing if your child is in violation of these expectations.


    Active Learning Spaces Grant Recipient!

    I am so #SalemProud to announce that we are the recipients of a $50,000 grant to transform our Media Center and one of our classrooms into a collaborative and tech based learning environment for our students.  Stay tuned for the exciting developments and transformations of these active learning spaces in the 17-18 school year!

    Great article on Cell Phone Safety!

    A colleague of mine shared this article with me that I thought was relevant enough to send on to you all.  I know we all struggle with this hot topic of how we teach our young people to use their cell phones wisely and thoughtfully.  Please read this article, it has some great insights and tips!

    The First Cell Phone: Rules for Responsibility


    Please see our website for updated information from today’s School Board Meeting 4/4/17 about Salem’s Calendar change possibility for next year!


    I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!


    Warmest Regards,

    Elaine Hofmann

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  • Principal's Message - March 23, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 3/23/2017

    Good afternoon Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, #SalemProud principal of Salem Middle School with several announcements and reminders.


    General Announcements

    • Tomorrow, Friday, March 24th is an Early Release Day for all Track 2,3, & 4 students.  Students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm.
    • Track 1 students, we will see you back at school on Monday, March 27th!
    • Track 4 students, we hope you enjoy your track out.  We will see you back on April 20th.  Reminder that that is a Thursday!
    • Quarter 4 starts on Monday!


    Student Accolades

    • Congratulations to four Salem Band students on their showing at the North Carolina All-State Honors Band auditions!  Catherine Ahn earned 1st chair flute.  Chandler de Jong earned 1st chair trombone.  Isabelle Lee earned 5th chair clarinet, and Lauren Hyre earned 1st alternate oboe.  Thank you Catherine, Chandler, Isabelle, and Lauren for your dedication, preparation, and representation at this statewide honorable event!
    • Congratulations to our 8th Grade Band students and accompanying seven 7th-graders who joined them on their North Carolina Music Performance Adjudication Festival (MPA)performance. They earned straight Superior ratings in all captions from every adjudicator.!  They played beautifully with confidence, finesse, and maturity.  Bravo, Salem Bands!
    • Tanisha Choudhury competed in the regional spelling bee on Saturday, March 18 at Athens Drive High School. She is actually a repeat Spelling Bee winner for Salem Middle School, winning our school competition as a 6th grader as well.  Tanisha made it into the final round of the county competition.  We are so #SalemProud of her!
    • Congratulations to Robert Riddle, 8th grade Track 4 for being our Spotlight on Student winner for Salem Middle School.  We are so proud of Robert and all of his accomplishments as a student at Salem Middle School.  He will be celebrated at the Wake County School Board meeting on March 28th.  I want to give all of our Spotlight on Students a shoutout for their nomination:
      • 6-1 - Ana Luiza Costa
      • 6-2/3 - Tyra Claesson
      • 6-4 - Rafael Laurel
      • 7-1 - Manuela Lanza-Rivera
      • 7-2/3 - Addison Prince
      • 7-4 - Isaac Luther
      • 8-1 - Tiba Al Rashid
      • 8-2 - Faith Darst
      • 8-3 - Ananya Varahabhatla
      • 8-4 - Robert Riddle
      • Ms. Otten’s class - Wesley Quinn

    Have a great weekend!

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  • Principal's Message - March 13, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 3/13/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, #SalemProud principal of Salem Middle School with several important updates and reminders.  


    Rising 7th and 8th graders, registration for next year is beginning.  All students will be registering for courses for next year in PowerSchool during the school day under the direct supervision of their guidance counselor.  Students should be receiving information on this process throughout the next couple of weeks.  If you have any questions, please email Mr. Jerry Decker for rising 7th grade and Mrs. Katie Lewis for rising 8th grade.  Rising 9th graders are completing their high school registration with Mrs. Kerri Bridges.


    We have several important student accolades to present to you.  

    • Allyson Hoffler was a 2017 Gifts of Gold Awardee who received special recognition for her art work titled “Mallard on Water”.  She was recognized last Tuesday night at Pieces of Gold.


    • Patrick Guinan of 7/4 was one of 100 students across North Carolina to qualify for the state level middle school geography bee. Patrick will be representing Salem at the state Geography Bee in Charlotte on March 31st! We wish Patrick all the best and know he will represent Salem Middle School well!


    Salem Middle school was just notified that we received a $50,000 active learning spaces grant! The Active Learning Spaces Grant was established in 2017 to support school efforts to transform facilities into learning spaces that inspire innovation and creativity while fostering the skill sets needed to live, produce, and thrive in today's workplace.  Each complete application was reviewed by multiple leaders of our community who are progressive and use active learning spaces daily in their workplace (i.e. Red Hat, Citrix, Ipreo, SfL+a Architects, Wake Economic Development, The Fit Desk Company, etc.)  

    These reviews were then further analyzed more deeply in conjunction with school's current financial capabilities to ensure high quality grants applications were prioritized by need.  Let the transformation of our Media Center and Makerspace Lab begin!  


    EOG Testing Windows:  Parents, please be very mindful of our EOG testing windows.  It is extremely important that all students are present for these end of year assessments.  The Track 1 window is from May 24th through June 1st.  The EOG testing window for tracks 2,3 & 4 is from June 19th through June 26th.  Please contact the school immediately if you know your child will not be present for those testing dates.  Special permission to test outside of the window needs to be approved now!  Thank you.  Parents, we will be looking for test proctors during those dates as well!


    All Students must take North Carolina Final Exams (NCFE’s) this year!

    Please see letter for explanation.  NCFE Parent Letter


    Next Early Release date is March 24th!

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  • Principal's Message - March 1, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 3/1/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!


    This is Elaine Hofmann, principal of Salem Middle school with several important updates and announcements.


    All Grades

    • Friday is the last day for Track 1, we wish all Track 1 a happy track out!  We will see you back on March 27th.
    • Track 2, we will see you back at school on Monday March 6th.
    • Parents, the weather has started bringing out the shorts and spring/summer clothes a little earlier than normal.  This is just a gentle reminder that many students in middle school hit growth spurts and clothes that might have fit them in the fall are no longer fitting appropriately.  Please check out the clothes your children are wearing to school and help us out by making sure they still meet our dress code.  Major infractions include shorts/skirts that are too short, straps that are not at least 2 fingers in width, midriffs exposed, as well as undergarments that are exposed.  If you have any questions, please see the Dress Code policy that is included in your child’s agenda.  Also, don’t hesitate to call the school with any questions!
    • This Friday is Mrs. Paulette Fairfax’s last day! Mrs. Fairfax has been an assistant Principal at Salem Middle School for the last 8 years.  She has been a dedicated and passionate Spartan who will be sorely missed.   


    8th Grade

    • Attention parents of 8th grade students!  Information has been sent home with your child regarding the 8th Grade End of Year Activities.  Please ask your child for this form.  We will need your completed form and payment as soon as possible so that we can get t-shirts ordered and continue planning for the picnic and dance!!


    6th Grade

    • Track 1,3 & 4 students who are missing immunizations are bringing home important information today.  If your child’s immunization records are current, then you will not get anything.  If you have any questions, please contact our data manager, Mrs. Doris Guess.
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  • Action Needed: changes to School Messenger

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 2/19/2017

    Parents,  this is Elaine Hofmann from Salem Middle School.


    I’m calling to inform you of an important change in how I share information.  Starting February 22nd, our school will begin sharing general information via text messaging and email instead of an automated phone call. You’ll still receive automated phone calls from me, but I’ll reserve them for urgent situations.


    Before we start this process, you will receive an opt-in message on the cell phone we have on record.  I hope you will take a few moments to follow the steps to "Opt-In" to text messages. Or, you can simply opt-in to receive text messages by texting YES to the number 67587 now.  This message is also located under Principal’s Message on our website


    I’ll be sending a letter home with more information or you can visit


    Thank you

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  • Principal's Message - February 14, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 2/14/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, #salemproud principal of Salem Middle School with several important updates and reminders.


    Parents of Rising 9th graders, there is high school registration information session this Wednesday night at Salem Middle school starting at 6:30 pm.  This is an overview of the high school registration process for all Wake County high schools.  Please see our website for details.


    Salem Middle will be visiting Peach Road Neighborhood Center this Thursday night from 6 - 8 pm.  We will be giving a presentation on the Wake County school system and more specifically on Salem Middle school.  We look forward to meeting all of our families in the Peach Road neighborhood.  This session will be conducted exclusively in Spanish.


    Our Valentine’s Day dance is this coming Friday night from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.  Students must have a signed permission form and $5 to attend.  Only Salem middle school students can attend this dance that is sponsored by our Athletic Department.  Concessions will be sold.  Permission forms can be picked up at the front office or can be printed from our website.  


    The PTA is sponsoring a Spirit Night at City Barbeque Monday, February 20th.  Proceeds will go to the PTA as well as our Robotics club.  Print out the flyer found on our website and present it for either lunch or dinner!  Your support is greatly appreciated!!  


    Please see our website for details about when and where  Single Subject Acceleration Information sessions will be held during the months of February and March.  


    The EOG testing calendar is in the process of being finalized.  Track 1, please mark the dates of May 24 through May 31st with make-ups on June 1st.  Tracks 2,3, & 4 should mark out the week of June 19th through June 23rd with make-ups on June 26th.  Parents, of course we are going to be sending out plea’s for testing proctors during those dates, so stayed tuned for that volunteer opportunity!


    It’s another busy week here at Salem Middle!  Please keep up with all of the events by visiting our school website, the PTA Facebook page as well as following us on Twitter.  

    Have a great night!

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  • Principal's Message - January 24, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 1/24/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!


    This is Elaine Hofmann, Principal of Salem Middle School with just a couple of important updates and reminders!.


    8th grade parents of students assigned to Apex HS and Apex Friendship HS’s, there will be a student/parent information session on the Academy of Information Technology at Apex and the Academy of Engineering at Friendship.  This will take place this Thursday night starting at 6:30 pm at Salem Middle School.


    All 8th grade parents can find information about all high school’s rising 9th grade open houses on our Salem Middle School’s website.  Many of them are happening in the next couple of weeks!


    We have had an exciting last week or so at Salem Middle.  We had 17 students, the largest number of students from any middle school make All-District Band and 5 were asked to audition for the All-State Band!  So very proud of these students!!


    We also had a phenomenal win this past weekend for our brand new Robotics team.  Their first competition brought home the Excellence Award which is the highest award given by VEX Robotics!  A huge shout out to Team Spark, which includes Abin Santy, Ananya Varahabhatla, Thomas Ketterer, and Aditya Ranjan.  They will go on and compete in the State Championships on March 11th.


    Just a reminder that our Book Fair is still going on with it’s last day Thursday of this week.


    Thank you to all who have already completed our Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) survey.  Your input and feedback is so valuable as we continue to strive towards Excellence in Everything!  If you have not yet had a chance to take it, the link to the survey can be found on our website.


    Stay informed by checking out our website, joining the PTA Facebook page as well as their Twitter feed.  There are great things happening at Salem Middle School!

    Our PBIS motto we share with our students everyday: Work hard, Be Positive, Learn Together and show Spartan PRIDE in all you do!!  Have a great night.

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  • Principal's Message - January 12, 2017

    Posted by Elaine Hofmann at 1/12/2017

    Hello Spartan Families!  This is Elaine Hofmann, #SalemProud principal of Salem Middle School bringing you several important updates and reminders.


    Our first snow makeup day is scheduled for this coming Saturday, January 14th.  This is only for Tracks 1, 2 & 3.  Saturday school begins at our normal time, buses run at the normal time in the morning.  Student dismissal is at 11:45.  There is no breakfast or lunch served on Saturday’s.  Besides their 4 cores, students will also attend their 2nd elective on Saturday.  


    Saturday, January 21st and Saturday, April 1st are the other 2 scheduled makeup days for Tracks 1, 2 & 3 only.  If students are attending a school sponsored activity on any of those Saturdays, they may be excused from school.  Parents need to send a note into school with their child on the Monday immediately following Saturday school.  Examples of possible excused activities include All-District band auditions, Robotics club competitions, etc.  Non-school related activities will not be considered excused.  All students will be allowed to makeup work that was missed if they do not attend Saturday school without penalty.


    Please help spread the word to any of your non-Salem friends who might be considering Salem as their year-round option next year, we are having our 2nd Annual Salem Expo Night this coming Tuesday, January 17th starting at 6:30 pm in our auditorium.  This is an exciting night where we show off all that makes Salem stand out as an exceptional school in Wake County and in the state.  We will be featuring everything that makes Salem special, so please encourage anyone who has expressed any interest in Salem Middle to attend this event.


    Please check out our Salem Website for the latest information.  The PTA also has an amazing amount of information on their website including information on how to volunteer for the Staff Luncheon on January 20th, the Book Fair that will begin on January 17th, how to purchase Spirit Wear, how to sign-up to paint the Spirit Rock to honor your favorite Spartan and so much more!


    That is all I have for now! Have a great evening.

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