Academically Gifted Program

Academically Gifted Program


Mrs. Grimes - AIG Teacher for LES

Services in 4th and 5th grade are in math and/or ELA depending on identification. Students can participate in small group pull-out lessons or in-class co-teaching opportunities. Students will be working on curriculum that extends their thinking and challenges them to work hard to solve problems or understand their reading at a deeper, more thought-provoking level. 

3rd Grade students are offered the Explorers program. The AIG Teacher comes in for 3 whole class lessons (one each of Reading Comprehension, Math and Thinking Skills). After those lessons small group lessons are designed to work with students who excel in class, and show higher level thinking skills in the Explorers lessons.

All Wake County students participate in third grade screening process with the administration of the CogAT test. The IOWA test or an additional tests are offered on a case by case basis. Students will need a score of 95% or higher on two district approved tests before services begin in the fall of their 4th grade year.