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Student Supply Lists

Primary Supply List


Please bring supplies to Meet the Teacher or during the first full week of school.

Primary Supply List

 Please bring supplies to Meet the Teacher night (or during the first full week of school).

 Required Items

 1.     Personal/ Labeled Items (Please LABEL with your child’s name)

 ·          1 small towel or blanket for rest time

·          1 book bag. NO WHEELS

·          1 basic plastic pencil box (8x5 inch)

·          1 Primary Journals à

o  This journal will have blank space at the

               top and lines at the bottom for writing

 2.     Classroom Supplies (Please DO NOT Label)

 ·          1 box of basic #2 pencils (12 or more)

·          1 box of 24 count skinny crayons (Crayola preferred)

·          1 package of 8 watercolor markers (Fat)à standard colors

·          5  Elmer’s Glue Sticks

·          1 box of colored pencils

·          BOYS ONLY: 1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags

      1 box of tissues

·          GIRLS ONLY: 1 box of quart size bags

      1 container of Clorox/Lysol wipes

·          5 black dry erase markers

 Wish List Items

 ·        Quality headphones (Leap Frog brand is preferred. These can be found on Amazon.)

·        Children’s scissors

·        Pencil cap erasers

·        1 pair of children’s white athletic socks (to be used as erasers)

·        Play dough

·        Primary Journals

·        Dry erase markers

·        Baby wipes

·        Plastic sheet protectors

·        Packages of 8 watercolor markers (Thin)à standard colors

·        Watercolor paint

·        Art supplies: wooden clothespins, google eyes, and glitter

·        Stickers: theme stickers (dinosaurs, insects, ocean, people, rainforest, pets, farm, etc)

·        Disposable cups and utensils

·        Colored copy paper

·        Cardstock

·        Paper plates (large and small size) and/or paper bowls

·        Snack and sandwich sized Ziploc bags

·        White paper lunch bags

·        Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

·        Sidewalk chalk