Online Safety

Keep Your Child Safe Online

  • Know when your child is online. Parents or a responsible adult should be available to their child if he/she has a question while online.
  • Personal information should always remain private. Children should not post their name, address, phone number, family names, school or any other private information.
  • Usernames and passwords remain private to child and parent.
  • Viruses can be hidden in emails and attachments. Never open an email from someone you do not know.
  • Be responsible online and post comments that are kind and respectful. If you would not say it in person then don’t post it on the internet. You leave a Digital Footprint behind when you are on the internet.
  • Install spyware or anti-virus software on your computer to protect yourself and your documents.
  • Remind your child to ignore all advertisements. When choosing Kingswood sites, I try to choose sites that have a limited number of ads. 
  • Check the age requirement of the site in the “Privacy Policy” section, usually found at the bottom of the home page. Many sites should only be used by children over the age of 13. 
  • I highly recommend Common Sense Media,, as a resource tool for all types of digital media for children and adults. It is free to register and has a wealth of information on all types of digital media from apps to movies with ratings and summaries for various types of media. 
  • Another recommended site:
  • Another recommended site:
  • Here are some tips for families: