Name Position Grade Level/Department Email Address
Gary Duvall Principal Administration
Christy Story Assistant Principal Administration
Linnea Gibson Magnet & STEM Coordinator Administration
Maggie Mariella IRT Administration
Renee Pearl Data Manager Administration
Jenelle Jones Receptionist Administration
Katie Trahan Book Keeper Administration
Sallie Lee Teacher Pre-K
*Jennifer Humeniuk Teacher Kindergarten Team
April Christie Teacher Kindergarten Team
Katya deBock Teacher Kindergarten Team
Erica Drapeau Teacher Kindergarten Team
Cynthia Mack Teacher 1st Grade Team
Safiya Robinson Teacher 1st Grade Team
*Kristin Walker Teacher 1st Grade Team
Laura Davis Teacher 1st Grade Team
*Joni Fowler Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Brittany Laube Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Carson Anderson Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Ashley Berwanger Teacher 2nd Grade Team
Deanne Shannon Teacher 2nd Grade Team
*Carla Massengill Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Shenetta McGill Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Anna Hipps Teacher 3rd Grade Team
Sara Dara Teacher 3rd Grade Team
  • * Denotes that the individual is a team or department chair.