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Drivers Education

Latest Drivers Ed Information for LRHS Students

January 20, 2017 - Behind-the-wheel update:
We are currently working with students from the August 1-5 session.  Distribution to the drivers is based on age within class, oldest to youngest. Once all August students are completed, by late February weather permitting, we will start the 33 October students, followed by November and December students.  This information is true county-wide.  We recently lost 6 days of BTW due to school closings.  

2017 Spring Classroom Sessions:
The waiting list is officially closed for spring class placements; please do not send in a form.  If you have been placed on a waiting list the likelihood of placement in a spring class is small.  Please be aware that summer information will be posted at around the first of April.  Summer requires a new registration form and students can register at any convenient summer location.  

Mrs. Angie Stephenson
LRHS Lead Teacher, Driver Education
voice mail 919-870-4316

Jordan Driving School
919-772-4877 phone; 919-662-2628 fax