• WFHS School Counseling Vision Statement: 

    School counselors address the needs of a diverse student population with a comprehensive school counseling program ensuring that all students graduate on time prepared for the future and transition into an ever changing society.  School counselors will assist students identify, plan for and achieve their academic, career and personal goals.  Counselors will serve in a professional and ethical manner in order to foster an environment that encourages students to maximize their success and pursue the 3 E’s:  Enrollment, Enlistment or Employment. 

    WFHS School Counseling Mission Statement:
    The mission of school counselors at Wake Forest High School (WFHS) is to provide leadership, advocacy and collaboration through an exemplary, data-driven and comprehensive school counseling program.  School counselors at WFHS strive to ensure that each student acquires the competencies needed in the areas of academic, career, personal and social development necessary to become effective students, responsible citizens and life-long learners in a global society.

    What is a Professional School Counselor?
    "The professional school counselor is a certified/licensed educator trained in school counseling with unique qualifications and skills to address all students’ academic, personal/social and career development needs. Professional school counselors implement a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes and enhances student achievement.” (ASCA, The Role of the Professional School Counselor)