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DRMS Directory

First Name Last Name Grade Track Subject Email
Jeanine Aagaard 7 1 Special Education
Nancy Allen Multiple Multi-track Administration
Denice Allen Multiple 4 Special Education
Cassandra Bass 7 4 Math
Chris Bechard 8 3 Social Studies
Stephanie Bender 8 1 Science
Jodi Binkley Multiple Multi-track FACS
Katie Bollinger 6 4 Social Studies
David Brancaccio 6 4 Science
Karlisia Brown 6 2/3 Language Arts
Heather Cavender 8 2 Math & Science
Trina Cicco Multiple Multi-track Healthful Living
Meghan Clark 6 4 Language Arts
Tyler Clark Multiple Multi-track Arts
Amy Clemens 8 4 Language Arts
Helen Colella Multiple Multi-track Special Education
Sunny Collins 8 1 Language Arts
Ada Deen Multiple 1 Student Services
Ashley Desmarais 6 2/3 Math
Kristen DiSanto Multiple Multi-track Speech
Nancy Dooley 7 1 Math
Mike Dunton 8 1 Social Studies
Nicole Earnest Multiple Multi-track Acc. Learning Program
Dawn Edwards 8 Multi-track Administration
Michelle Egan All 1 Visually Impaired