Front Door Access System

  • Please listen carefully Holly Ridge Elementary now has a new front door access system.  Beginning March 1st 2017, all exterior doors, including our front doors, will be locked at all times.  If you are visiting our campus, please ring the bell closest to the far left front door.  We will greet you over an intercom.  Please state your name and plan and reason you are visiting campus (A few examples are: checking my child out for a doctor’s appointment, volunteering in the classroom, attending a conference, or joining my child for lunch).  Once you share the reason for your visit, our receptionist will “buzz” you in through the far Right hand door.  Please make sure you do not hold the door for any other visitor.  If many visitors arrive at the front door at the same time, please make sure the receptionist is aware of everyone requesting access into the school.  After you enter the building, please remember to report immediately to the main office to sign-in.  If you are planning to check your child out for the day, you will need to present a photo ID.  Please remember that we are not able to check students out for the day after 3:30PM.  Please plan to go through carpool after 3:30PM. Thank you for your support as we all become more familiar with our new procedure. If you have any questions regarding our new front door system, please contact our main office at 919-577-1300.  A sign will also be posted to remind everyone!