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About Our School

  • Mission, Vision, and Values

    The mission of Rolesville Elementary School is to create and maintain a diverse, nurturing, and collaborative environment where ALL students will be provided a rigorous and competitive learning experience which prepares them for success in the 21st Century.


    The teachers at Rolesville Elementary School teach for understanding by frequently assessing students and using data analysis and research-based best practices to provide a variety of opportunities for students to demonstrate mastery. It is our belief and expectation that all students can achieve the outcome of the grade level to which they are assigned. We will ensure that every student is given the opportunity to work to their full potential and become life-long learners. As you walk the halls of Rolesville Elementary school, you will see and feel a caring and nurturing environment that involves parents and the community at large in the learning process by creating shared learning experiences.


    Vision: “There’s No Place Like Rolesville Elementary School.”

    At Rolesville Elementary School, we model life-long learning, care about our students, our families, and our school, and have the courage to meet students where they are and move them forward.