Institute of Innovation

  • Creating Improved Solutions to Products and Problems

    The Merriam Webster dictionary defines innovation as a new idea, device or method. In the Institute of Innovation, students will use the Engineering Design Process to solve real world scientific and engineering problems. Students enter the institute during their sophomore year and choose from courses that explore and solve innovative scientific, technological, engineering and math problems. Teachers collaborate to ensure that all instruction and assessments align to the innovation philosophy. Furthermore, elective course offerings align to the innovation theme. A sample assignment might ask students to design a renewable energy source for Knightdale High School. The entire plan would include start-up and continuing funding, engineering design, environmental feasibility and plans for installing a device that would make Knightdale High School more environmentally friendly. Grading would be based on the students’ successful participation in the process, the actual design of the device, and the collaborative team presentation to the Institute of Innovation Leadership. Students would also have the opportunity to apply to conferences in order to attend and present their final product.