• Why Join?

    Here Are Just A Few Reasons…
    1. Time after time research has proven that a parent’s involvement in their child’s school results in higher test scores and better grades, a more socially responsible child, improved behavior, more regular school attendance and they are more likely to go on to college and receive a higher education. When you show your child that their school is important to you, it will become more important to them.
    2. Being a member of the PTA gives you a voice in your child’s education. You will have the resources to make a difference in our school and help our leaders to decide what directions JG should take. It offers the opportunity to be an advocate for all children.
    3. It’s fun and a great opportunity to make new, life long friends! Whether you can volunteer a few hours a year or a few each week, there’s a job for everyone. There are so many different areas that we need help with, one is sure to interest you. Join now!