• School Improvement Team 2016-2017

    • SIP Chair: Jennifer Lecorchick
    • K-2: Kendra Sisk
    • 3-5: Judy Carr
    • Other active members: Daniel Zoller, Traci Behrendt, Jeannie Carter

    Lockhart Parent Representatives

    • Board Advisory Council Parent Rep- Dale Romanus
    • Knightdale Area Work Group Parent Rep- Nikki Matthews 
    • School Improvement Reps: Amy Spencer, Lisa Swinson 


    • February 6, 2017
      May 8, 2017
      June 12, 2017

    Lockhart's School Improvement plan 

    • Please download Lockhart's School Improvement Plan on the right. 
If you are having trouble viewing the document, click here to download it.