WCPSS Virtual Academy

WCPSS Virtual Academy

Enrollment in the WCPSS Virtual Academy

    • Students will remain enrolled at their current school as assigned by WCPSS Student Assignment. 
    • Supports from Special Education Services will be provided by qualified teachers and related service providers. 
    • Students will continue to receive updates and services via their assigned school. These services include but are not limited to AIG, ESL, Intervention and 504 services.
    • K-12 students & families who participate in the Virtual Academy will be permitted to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including athletics through their current school.
    • Parents of students not currently enrolled in WCPSS should go to the Office of Student Assignment website for enrollment procedures prior to submitting an application for the WCPSS Virtual Academy. Once a student is enrolled in a school, the assigned school will provide families with the option to enroll in the WCPSS Virtual Academy.

Daily Structure in the WCPSS Virtual Academy

  • Students who choose fully online instruction should expect the following to be true across all grade levels:

    • To the degree possible, students will be assigned teachers from their current school.  However, in some cases, WCPSS may assign students to different schools within a region to form classes.
    • Students will experience a daily school schedule that includes the same components of the school day as their grade level peers participating in face-to-face or blended instruction to the degree feasible.
    • Students will receive counseling and social emotional support from their current school staff.
    • Students will experience an intentional effort on the part of their school’s staff to make meaningful connections and to create a true classroom community.

Instruction in the WCPSS Virtual Academy

  • Students who choose to engage in fully online instruction should expect the following to be true across all grade levels:

    • Students will experience the WCPSS core instructional program online.  Instruction will be standards-aligned and focused on ensuring student mastery.
    • Students will either be assigned to a teacher within their school or their school’s region.  Structures will be in place to communicate needs and progress to a student's current school if they are assigned to a teacher within the region.
    • Grading structures will be consistent with in-person and blended instruction environments and Board Policy 3400.
    • Any specialized services (Special Education, ESL, 504 Plans, Intervention Plans) will be implemented by staff at the student’s current school to provide continuity of service from 2019-2020.
    • For magnet school students, magnet programming will be implemented to the degree possible in the online environment.
    • Teachers will work in collaboration with other school staff members to align instructional practices and expectations.
    • It will not be feasible to offer all specials/elective programs in a fully online environment.  Students who choose the WCPSS Virtual Academy program option may need to adjust specials/ elective schedule choices.
    • Students and families will have support from a Student Help Desk for technology assistance.
    • Students and families will have access to library media services.


  • check   Families who apply must commit to at least one semester, with a recommendation of a one-year commitment.

Student Profile

Students will benefit by being independent, organized, flexible, and motivated to remain active and involved in an online env

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