This week in Social Studies: 01/25/21 - 01/29/21

Posted by Andrew Trbovich on 1/22/2021

Students & Parents,


Welcome!  This week in social studsies, we will continue with our 5th unit: Ancient Rome.  As we continue to move forward in the school year, please continue to check our 6th grade website for current information.  Also, students and parents, check your google classroom account daily for announcements and classwork assignments, and continue to check Poweschool for graded assignments.


This week, students will continue with our fifth unit of the school year; "Ancient Rome."  This unit will last until we track back in in January/Febuary.   Below, you will find our weekly agenda.


Monday, 1/25: The Roman Republic Webquest

Tuesday, 1/26Roman Emperors

Wednesday, 1/27:  Roman Emperors

Thursday, 1/28:  Roman Emperors

Friday, 1/29: Roman Gladiator Webquest


 *All daily google slides must be turned in by the due date.


As always, if you would need anything please email at


Thank you,

Mr. Trbovich