Brooks Message 3.13.2020

Posted by Marie Palmer on 3/13/2020 3:00:00 PM

Dear Brooks Families,

We hope you have had a wonderful week.  I want to update you on some school business as it pertains to COVID-19. Please know that this information is current as of now but can change quickly. We will work to keep you updated as things change.


Field Trips

All field trips have been cancelled until June 30th. This includes all trips within Wake County, the state of North Carolina and out of state. It does not include in-house field trips.



The county is working to develop guidance regarding refunds. We will provide more information when we receive it.


Volunteer Tea

At this time the Volunteer Tea that was schedule for March 19this postponed. We will update when a new date is selected.


Events with Crowds

At his press conference on 3.12.2020, Governor Cooper imposed a limit on events that would draw more than 100 people. As you know, we have several night events scheduled at Brooks in the very near future. We have made the decision to postpone Night at Our Museum until April 30th. I am waiting for more guidance from the county before making a decision regarding all of the other scheduled events.


Cleaning Supplies

If you are donating cleaning supplies to classrooms, please check with the teacher to ensure they are a brand/product we can use. The usage of products with chemicals is limited in schools and each school must fill out a Materials Safety Data (MSD) sheet for each product. Therefore, we cannot accept or use products without a form on file.



Please reinforce proper handwashing techniques with your children. The recommendation is 20 seconds with warm water and soap. You may also choose to encourage students to sing the ABCs or Happy Birthday because those songs are about 20 seconds in length.


Please refer to the Brooks website for the most recent updates on the county’s response to COVID-19.




Marie Palmer