Brooks Message 10.9.2019

Posted by Marie Palmer on 10/9/2019 9:30:00 AM

Dear Brooks Families,

We hope you have had a wonderful week.  Please read below for some important updates and reminders.


Tardy Students

Over the past few weeks, we have seen an increase in the number of tardy students each day. Additionally, many of the same students are late several times a week, if not daily. We understand that there are often reasons for students to be late (doctor’s appointments, family emergencies), however, it is extremely important for students to be at school on time.


We are asking parents to please help us by getting your children here on time. The instructional day begins promptly at 9:15 when the bell rings. Shortly thereafter students engage in morning meeting which helps set the tone for the day and to build a classroom community. If children are regularly missing this, they are missing out on critical time with their classmates and teacher.


We are committed to academic, social-emotional, and behavioral growth for your child, so please help us by ensuring they are here and ready to begin their day at 9:15.


Carpool Procedures

Thank you to the parents/families that have followed our carpool procedures during arrival and dismissal. This serves as a reminder that during arrival/dismissal you are NOT permitted to turn left into our school parking lot from Rampart Drive. Since Brooks was rebuilt, this was the procedure established by the county to ensure free-flowing traffic.  There is a sign posted on Rampart Drive letting you know that there are no left turns on school days between the hours of arrival and dismissal.


Unfortunately, we are finding that several people are not following this. You may have noticed the police were out there giving warnings in early September. They will be coming back to ticket people that have failed to follow the procedure.


If you need a carpool map so that you can follow the correct procedure, please let us know and we’ll be happy to provide one for you.


Transportation Options        

Here at Brooks, parents have the following transportation options: bus, carpool, walker, Before/After School Care. These are the ONLY options. We are beginning to hear from parents that people are failing to follow our transportation options, especially those related to walkers. If you are walking to pick-up your child or allowing your child to be an independent walker, you/they should be walking all the way home.


We do not have a transportation option of being “Parkers.” You should not be parking on the street, walking to get your child and then getting in the car to drive home. Additionally, when you sign the paperwork allowing your child to be an independent walker, it clearly states that children must walk the entire way home and not be picked up along the route. If we find that this is the case, we will revoke their independent walker privileges.


Within the past two weeks, we’ve received several complaints from families that people are parking along Hyde Street to pick-up their children. This is creating a safety issue, as children that are independent walkers are not able to safely cross the street. The parents have shared these concerns with the City of Raleigh and inquired about putting “No Parking” signs along that road.


Please make sure you are following the appropriate procedures. If you want to pick your child up in a car, you need to go through the carpool line.


Safety of our students, parents and staff is our top priority and requires everyone to follow the established routines and procedures.


Parent Conferences

Hopefully you have seen communication from your child’s teacher about parent conferences. We hope you have taken the opportunity to sign up so that you can provide the teacher with important information about your child. Through collaboration between the school and family, students are bound to succeed!  


Principal Chats

This year I will be holding four Principal Chats to allow parents the opportunity to come to Brooks and talk with me in a slightly structured environment. I will not have an agenda for these gatherings, rather, I will lead participants in a protocol to allow them to share what’s going well at Brooks, along with any concerns they may have. We will do this in a manner that allows information to be shared anonymously, thereby ensuring people feel comfortable to share information.


The purpose of this time is simply to inform the administration of things going on from the perspective of our parents and school community. I cannot commit to resolving anything during this time, as it is simply an opportunity for parents to bring awareness to strengths and areas of concern.


I hope you’ll join me on Wednesday, October 23rdfrom 10:00 am – 11:00 am for our very first Principal Chat at Brooks!  


Parent Night

Please mark your calendars for November 14thso that you can attend our Parent Night. More details to come in the next few weeks!


These are all the reminders for the upcoming week. We can't wait to see you next week!




Marie Palmer