Brooks Message 8.23.2019

Posted by Marie Palmer on 8/23/2019


Dear Brooks Families,

We hope you have had a wonderful week.  Please read below for some important updates and reminders for the upcoming week.



Beginning August 26th, students may enter the building at 8:45 am and our instructional day begins at 9:15 am. Families are permitted to walk students to class but must leave the building by 9:15 am. Thank you for following this expectation to ensure the safety of our students and staff, and protect the integrity of our instructional day.


Carpool arrival and dismissal procedures will remain the same in the upcoming year. All carpool will start by going down Northbrook Drive to Yadkin Road, which runs into Rampart Street. Cars will turn right off Rampart Street into the Brooks parking lot for carpool. If drivers turn left into the carpool line, they will be redirected.


Carpool and walker students enter the building from the Rampart entrance while buses, cabs, and daycare students enter from the Northbrook Drive entrance.


In the afternoon, dismissal will begin at 3:45 pm and all children should be off campus by 4:10 pm. In the afternoon, all students picked up in carpool require a transportation tag which is to be hung from the rearview mirror. Please work with your students to learn their tag number as quickly as possible. Parents of students that wish to be considered walkers need to show an assigned walk zone transportation tag to pick up their students in the afternoon. Parents living in the walk zone who are walking up to get their children will enter the building via the main entrance and line up to pick up students. Walk zone transportation tags may also be used for carpool pick up. Please note, ONLY families who live in our designated walk zone are permitted to pick up students as walkers.Students of eligible age (grades 2-5) who need to walk all the way home independently (without a parent) must have a signed release from parents on file with our office. No K-1 students may be released as independent walkers unless accompanied by an older sibling (grades 2-5). Transportation tags and release paperwork will be available at our “Meet the Teacher” event.


Afternoons are very busy in our front office, and for that reason, transportation changes must be made by 2:45 pm. If you need to change your child’s transportation and you forgot to write a note to the teacher, please call the front office before 2:45, and the office staff will communicate these changes with the classroom teacher. We ask that you do not email the teacher as they may not check it in time to make the appropriate changes. Additionally, please do not leave this information on a voicemail as the front office is very busy in the afternoon, and there is a chance we will not check the messages prior to dismissal.


Parking On & Off Campus

When you visit our school campus, please park in the appropriately designated spots in the parking lot. The City of Raleigh has made changes to the “No Parking” signage located on Northbrook Drive. At no time should you park on Northbrook Drive to walk your child into the school. While I know this may be more convenient than using the carpool line, this is not safe and using the carpool line does not take that long in the morning or afternoon. Please know this is not meant to inconvenience anyone, rather, it’s to maintain the safety and security of our students, staff, and families. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.



Students taking medication (over the counter or prescription) at school must have the 1702 form completed by a doctor. These forms must be updated each yearand presented to our office prior to the first day of school.



All volunteers must complete an “online” application and receive approval from WCPSS prior to serving as a volunteer. Applications can be accessed on the computers in our Media Center or at any Wake County school. Everyone who wishes to volunteer must complete a new application for the 2019 – 2020 school year even if you were approved last year.The volunteer application window at Brooks ends on October 31, 2019. If you even think you MAY want to volunteer, please apply by this deadline.  

These are all the reminders for the upcoming week. We can’t wait to see you on August 26th!




Marie Palmer