Leni Newell, Artist in Residence

Posted by Carrie Marting on 8/17/2015

Leni Newell is an award-winning professional artist concentrating on abstract mixed-media and collage since 1986. She maintained a studio at ArtSpace in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina for 20 years before moving to Emerald Isle, North Carolina in 2006.
Newell's award-winning, thought provoking work is characterized by the layering of subtle collage elements with the textured application of acrylic pigment.
Newell is the recipient of many artist grants from the North Carolina Art Council. Her innovative work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the country and can be found in many corporate collections. Newell recently won a public art grant from the North Carolina Art Council for a large installation in Eastern North Carolina.
Newell is also a popular residency and workshop leader known for encouraging others to think abstractly outside the box. She is part of the North Carolina Art Council's touring artist program that brings outstanding arts programs all over North Carolina.