Fall 2018 Lunch Period Assignments

Fall 2018 Lunch Assignments 

A Lunch – 10:55 to 11:20

Alston, Anderson, Bulgin, Farris, Glasgow B., Glasgow L., Harris C., Hawke, Kersey, London, Moffitt, Neal, Price, Reynolds, Steele, Thomas E., Thomas H., Williams, Wills

B Lunch – 11:35 to 12:00

Adams, Bracey, Carter, Costantino, Crudup, Edwards, Ehlen, Fister, Fowler, Hairston, Harris J., Hinnant, Hunter, Jarrett, Linares, Margarin, Ray, Triplett, Vann, Weaver

C Lunch – 12:18 to 12:43

Brown, Burrus, Caviness, Coble, Diaz, Howell, Humphrey, Jefferies, King, Mandall, McGuire, McKaig, Melton, Moreno, Newsome, Rodgers, Sterling, Upshur, Wade, Vacant-CCR, Vacant-Eng,