Weekly Update: April 16

Posted by Luke Miles on 4/16/2018

1) The PTA is sponsoring a great fundraiser called the SPLASH DASH that is a spin-off of the Color Runs you've probably seen on the news or social media.  In order to handle fundraising properly, the PTA has partnered with a company called 99 Pledges.  They would like to use your student's WCPSS email address when creating the pledge pages.  The permission slips grant the use of your child's WCPSS email address.  Even if you do not wish to grant permission, we need you to fill out the form and check the NO box.  There is also an alternative spot for you to request a different email address be used (like your own personal one).  Please turn this form back in ASAP.  To keep it simple, you can take a picture of it and email/remind it to us.


2) Picture day Update.  Forms went home two weeks ago.

Mon. 4/16: Track 3
Thurs. 4/26: Track 2


3) We are officially in 4th quarter, which means we are not only wrapping up the year, but we are also gearing up for the End of Year Awards Ceremony.  Below is a reminder of the Awards Ceremony:


TRACKS 2 & 3 - JUNE 27          

  • Each program will begin at 9:30 a.m.  Programs usually last about 1 ½ hours.
  • Band students will perform at all programs. Mr. Kuni will provide students with the appropriate details and information regarding the performances.


Honors and Principal’s List are based on all classes. In order to be consistent and include all four quarters, calculations are based on the first three quarter report cards and then quarter 4 interim grades. Each teacher will send home a “Pre-interim” before actual interims are sent and those averages used for the calculations.

  • Honors List: Students being recognized for Honors must have earned a 3.0-3.99 GPA (A-90-100 and B-80-89) which means they would have mainly A’s and B’s throughout the year. Students could have earned a lower grade for an individual quarter and still earn this recognition if the final averages calculate to a 3.0-3.99. Students cannot have had a D or F for the final average and be recognized.
  • Principal’s List: Students being recognized for Principal’s List must have earned a 4.0 GPA for the year in each class. The average for each class must calculate to a 4.0 (A-90-100). Students could have earned a lower grade for an individual quarter and still earn this recognition if the final averages calculate to a 4.0. Students must have all A’s (90-100) for their final average in each class.
  • Other Recognitions: We will have many other student academic recognitions/awards in various areas and courses. As a courtesy, teachers will notify parents of any other awards that students may be receiving. This is so parents can be in attendance and “camera ready” to see their child receive his/her award. These individual awards should be a surprise to the students.


Honors and Principal’s List are required to dress up following the guidelines below, however; teachers will also be encouraging ALL students to dress nicer for their programs as this is a special event, we will have many visitors on campus and some students other than these groups may be recognized for awards or other accomplishments. School rules do apply for awards ceremonies as well.

APPROPRIATE FOR GIRLS: dress, skirt, blouse/sweater, dress pants, sandals, dress shoes

NO-NO’S: rainbow flip flops, plastic/rubber flip flops, or any other type of casual footwear, tennis shoes, jeans, shorts, any type of denim

APPROPRIATE FOR BOYS: dress pants, shirts must have a collar, ties and suits are fine but not required (Ties ARE required for 8th graders), belts with pants at the waist, dockers/sperrys/any type of loafer, dress shoes (black, brown)

NO-NO’S: flip-flops, sandals, or any other type of casual footwear, tennis shoes, jeans, shorts, any type of denim, no t-shirts



Each student being recognized will receive TWO tickets for guests to attend. Students not being recognized will not receive tickets. We apologize for any inconvenience but space will be limited and we must follow the fire code restrictions.

Every honors/principal’s list student and any other student receiving an award will each be allowed TWO tickets.

All students being recognized for honors or principal’s list will receive invitations & tickets in homeroom 2-3 weeks prior to the awards program. Students are responsible for getting the invitations and tickets home to parents. Please make sure you ask your child for these and put them in a safe place. Tickets will be required and collected at the door for each program.


Children age 5 and under will not need a ticket. Please contact Tracey Latham with any questions: tlatham@wcpss.net or 919-870-4098, Ext. 26124