Saturday School Plan

Posted by Luke Miles on 3/24/2018

Saturday Morning Research (Before the Build)


Answer ONE of the following questions to gain understanding of how engineers build buildings. Read the article found in the website link after the question.  Make sure each person in your group selects a different question so that all are represented in your group. Take great notes! You'll be sharing your findings and teaching the other members of your group.

1.    What human factors do you think a civil/structural engineer needs to take into consideration when planning an office building? (Examples are the weight of people and furnishings, need for water, fresh air, escape routes, etc.)  (

2.   When thinking about the force pushing down or across a building, how would you be able to assess any impact the weather may have on the structure you are building? ( 

3.   What features make strong bridges?  Strong structures can be created using weak materials. What is important to remember when constructing structures using weaker materials?  (Abracadabra of Engineering article)

(Use to define any terms that you are unfamiliar with.)