Principal's Weekly Message

Posted by Lynne Dodd on 12/6/2020 6:00:00 PM

Good Afternoon EM3 Families,


Good Sunday evening to all of our EM3 families. The cool December weather has been with us this weekend and we hope that you have all enjoyed some of this amazing outdoor weather. 


As we prepare to welcome back our Cohort 3/C students in person tomorrow, please remember to dress appropriately for the weather. All students who are not in Cohort 3/C should plan to login to google meets and participate from home. 

Asynchronous Friday - This week our asynchronous day of instruction is Friday, December 11th. There will be no in person or live google meets on Friday, December 11th. 

Health/Safety Requirements - Students who are scheduled to return to campus cannot have a temperature of 100.4 or higher and must be feeling well. Students who have a temperature of 100.4 or higher cannot enter any buildings. Any students who do not feel well, will be escorted to a Care Center and must be picked up immediately. Please note, any child who is not feeling well, or exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19 will be kept in the Care Center until someone is able to pick them up.

Daily Attendance - It is important for students to attend class every day whether they are in person, remote or virtual academy. Please remind your child of the importance of attendance and work completion. Quarter and semester grades are being given as usual, and not attending classes or completing work will likely have a negative impact on their classroom performance. 

Dreambox Competition - We are holding a raffle for the next two weeks, students have provided us with the incentives that they would like to choose from. Each time a student completes 3 dreambox lessons in a week, their name will be entered into the raffle. Students should be completing 7 lessons a week, so a student who meets the expectations will have their name entered into the raffle at least two times. 

We will be drawing three names from each grade level on Friday for the Dreambox raffle. 

Lexia Competition - We are holding a similar raffle for Lexia over the next two weeks. Students will have their names entered each time they complete 30 minutes of Lexia each week. The expectation is that students complete 60 minutes a week. A student who is meeting the schoolwide expectation will have their name entered at least two times each week. 

We will be drawing three names from each grade level for the Lexia raffle on Friday.

Thank you all for your partnership so far this school year. We are so excited to see how much learning has been taking place. Being in classrooms, whether they be virtual or in person is the greatest part of our day and we look forward to seeing everyone this week.

All our Best,

  1. Aaron Marcin

Lead Learner/Principal

East Millbrook Magnet Middle

The Academy of Visual and Performing Arts