Feb 22-26: 3C: PE; 1A: Health; 2B & VA: Fitness

Posted by Trina Mauder on 2/20/2021

Cohort 3C: Welcome back to the building! This week in PE you will be competing in different Winter Olympic sports! Skill sessions will occur during the beginning of the week with head to head competitions occuring at the end of the week. 


Cohort 2B & VA: This week you are in fitness focusing on SMART goals. You will create 2 SMART goals. One for your fitness journal (set a new minute minimum you want to reach each week) and one a personal goal. You will also create a schedule for each of your goals so you can map out what needs to be done in order for you to achieve that goal.


Cohort 1A: This week you are in health learning hands only CPR. You will learn the necessary skills to perform hands only CPR through a Quizizz lesson and video demonstrations. You will also have the opportunity to practice hands only CPR in a Flipgrid video.