Week 6/5 - 6/9

Posted by Sarah Paynter on 6/5/2017

This week Track 1 tracks out on Wednesday and Track 2 tracks back in on Thursday.


Math 6:

On Monday and Tuesday, students will be reviewing different skills through word problems. On Wednesday, we will review how to solve Expressions and Equations. On Thursday and Friday, Track 2 will review boxplots and look at histograms. TTracks 3 and 4 will continue their EOG review.


Math 7:

Track 1 students are finishing up their school year this week. Track 2 will be back on Thursday and we will begin reviewing for their EOG.


Math 8:

Students will take their Unit 13 test on Monday on Systems of Equations. On Tuesday we begin the last unit on figure transformations. We will look at translations, reflections, and rotations for the rest of the week.