Week 4/17 - 4/21

Posted by Sarah Paynter on 4/16/2017

During this week, Track 3 will track out on Wednesday and Track 4 will return on Thursday.


Math 6:

This week students will finish Unit 11 on area and perimeter. When Track 4 returns on Thursday, we will begin Unit 12 on volume and surface area. Students will begin with a lesson on 3-D vocabulary and identifying nets. Then we will review how to find the volume of 3-d shapes.


Math 7:

This week students will begin Unit 10 on Two-Dimensional Geometry. We will begin by reviewing how to find perimeter and area. Then we will spend the rest of the week understanding terms related to circles (ex. radius, diameter, circumference, etc.), and how to find the circumference and area of a circle. On Thursday we will explore how changing a shape's dimensions can affect the area of that shape.


Math 8:

On Monday and Tuesday, students will continue learning how to read scatterplots and using the line of best fit to make predictions. On Tuesday, students will have a quiz on scatterplots. Track 3 students will not have class on Wednesday because they will be away on a field trip. When Track 4 returns on Thursday, they will review how to find the slope of a line and they will have a slope quiz on Friday.