Week 4/3 - 4/7

Posted by Sarah Paynter on 4/3/2017

Math 6:

This week students will continue learning about area and perimeter. We will look at decomposing polygons to find the area, and how to find the area of inscribed figures. On Tuesday, students will take a mid-unit quiz. On Thursday and Friday we will look at finding the area of shapes on the coordinate grid.


Math 7:

This week students will continue their unit on probability. We will continue practicing finding the theoretical and experimental probability of events. Students will have a short quiz on Thursday on finding the probability of events. 


Math 8:

This week we will be finishing up Unit 10 on slope. Students will have their unit 10 test on Tuesday. On Wednesday we will begin Unit 11 on Equations of Lines. Students will be learning how to identify parts of an equation in slope intercept form and how to graph those equations. Students will also take a short quiz on Friday on linear frunctions.