Prom Information

Posted by Angelita Rodriguez at 3/6/2017

Please be aware that in order to be admitted to Prom on April 21 from 9pm-12am, you must attend school from 7:25 until 12:00 at a minimum. If checking out before noon, you must present a doctor's appointment note/valid note. Anyone missing school between 7:25 to 12:00 without an excused note will not be allowed to attend Prom. Students who plan to check out at noon must turn in a note to the attendance office by Friday, April 7 at 1:00. The absence is unexcused for those checking out at noon, but you will be admitted to Prom. Students who plan to check out at noon can pick up their passes in the attendance office during all three lunches April 17th-20th. No passes will be given on April 21.

Fines must be paid by April 7th in order to purchase a ticket