Week 4 Repeat

Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 4/19/2020

So, we're starting to get the hang of remote learning. Please be patient as this takes some time.  I did not realize that some of you could not see assignments if there were no due dates.  Not that there are posted due dates, everyone should be on the same page.  So, let's repeat Week 4 Challenges.  If you have completed Week 4 Challenges, this is an off week for you.  If you haven't, then this is the time to do so.  Remember, you and any previous week challenges at any time.  

Meeting times

Wk5 Schedule

Week Four Challenges

Due to previous length, I will only post new challenges this week.  Students can go back and do a previous challenge each week if they would like. All possible challenges will be posted in Google Classroom.

Due to county expectations, you will need to complete 1-reflection question and 1-challenge from each section per week. See your choices below.  

Reflection Question: Student will complete 1 reflection question a week.  The question is posted in Google Classroom.  


This week's question: What did you do to maintain or improve your mental/emotional health? 


Section 1. Mental/Emotional Resources (Take a picture of your choice and write a short description about it, place in Google Draw)

  • Put together a Puzzle:  Put together a puzzle. Take a picture of the stages of completion. You must be in the picture.
  • Draw/Paint something: Find a picture of your favorite cartoon character(s) or animal and draw a picture of that thing. For more advanced skills draw a picture of a setting or celebrity.  Take a picture of your work in progress (at least 3 pictures) with yourself in the picture.
  • Find a task to learn: Record or document your progress with a particular task.  Examples: solving a rubrix cube, learning soduko, juggling objects in different patterns, songs on an instrument, creating a song, learning caligraphy, learning origami, or just ask me how you could do something.

Section 2. Physical Resources (create a short video of you completing these challenges)

  • My Weekly Trek: A trek is a journey made by foot.  Choose between biking, riding or running you way to a distance challenge of your choice.  You will document your challenge using a Google Draw in Google Classroom.  See this example.
  • WCPSS Physical Activity Challenge Videos: Click on this link to view physical activities that require very little home equipment.  Follow the directions listed in the document. WCPSS Middle School Activity Videos   At the bottom of the page there is a linke to report completing the activity.  Please follow directions from that link.

Section 3. Social Resources  (capture an image of these task and place in a photo collage or short video)

  • Questions Game: Rules of the game is that you can only answer a question with a question.  This activity is an improv skill that focuses on listening, waiting your turn, and giving appropriate feedback quickly.  If it takes more than 5-seconds to comeback with a question you lose the point. Place several topics on a note card, place into a bowl pull a topic.  Agree upon a number of points you want to play to and get started. (Short video example) 
    • Example Topics: Walking into a reality show at Bestbuy, Daytime soap opera, Godzilla, Closing time at Walmart or Target, International Flight 


WCPSS Resources can be found here: https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/instructional-continuity-wcpss/learning-resources/middle-school  (You must be logged-in to Learning Central to access this site.)


Signing Out

After eight-years, my time at WYMLA comes to an end this week.  I have enjoyed everyday at the Men's Academy and couldn't think of a better place to teach and learn from students and their families. You all have shared your hearts with me, and I hope you feel I have done the same.  I'm definitely going to miss all of you.  During this time, you will still be expected to turn in completed assignments each week.  If you need anything from me, I can still be reached at jpettiford@wcpss.net.