Week Four Challenges (April 12th- April 16th)

Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 4/11/2020


(If you have a problem playing this video, be patient and then download when prompted. I've heard there have been issues on mobile devices.)

I hope the week three challenges helped you make your week interested.  There are several details I need you to read through before viewing week four challenges.  


    • Why is there so much content posted?
      • The content listed here is for parents. Parents and guardians may not have access to Google Classroom and having an overview on this site allows for access to the material.  Going forward, I will only post new content each week.  It is okay to complete a challenge from a previous week.  
    • Where are the due dates?
      • Due dates are listed within Google Classroom.  In general, any assignment chosen is due by the next class meeting. 
    • What does my student need to complete?
      • Students will complete one reflection question and choose one task from each section to complete. Assignments will be submitted on Google Classroom.  
    • What is the purpose of the chosen assignments and how does it related to your curriculum?
      • Due to our current situation, we are focusing on tasks that increase wellness. Wellness is finding a balance between our mental, emotional, social and physical health. Every student is given the choice on which activities they want to complete.  I encourage parents to do anything on the list with their student.  Not only will it help your student, but it may be chance for you to bond and create great memories during this difficult time.
  • When communicating with teachers, please only use your school email address.  This is an WCPSS expectation of digital citizenship.  Please honor that expectation. (I will not respond to questions or emails not addressed via student emails or confirmed parent addresses.)
  • Meetings: I enjoyed seeing you guys last week in our Google Meets. Meetings are to review posted material and help give guidance for completion. During the meeting you will need to text your questions in and I will answer them as we go. 
    • Non-mandatory meetings for the week will be based on the schedule below: (apology for fuzziness)Wk4WYMLASchedule
  • Digtial Tech to become familiar with:
    • Flipgrid
    • Wevideo or MoviePro: Will be used to edit your video artifacts/evidence of a healthy lifestyle practices
    • Screencastify
    • Google Suite (Docs, Draw, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Calendar)

Week Four Challenges

Due to previous length, I will only post new challenges this week.  Students can go back and do a previous challenge each week if they would like. All possible challenges will be posted in Google Classroom.

Due to county expectations, you will need to complete 1-reflection question and 1-challenge from each section per week. See your choices below.  

Reflection Question: Student will complete 1 reflection question a week.  The question is posted in Google Classroom.  


This week's question: What did you do to maintain or improve your mental/emotional health? 


Section 1. Mental/Emotional Resources (Take a picture of your choice and write a short description about it, place in Google Draw)

  • Put together a Puzzle:  Put together a puzzle. Take a picture of the stages of completion. You must be in the picture.
  • Draw/Paint something: Find a picture of your favorite cartoon character(s) or animal and draw a picture of that thing. For more advanced skills draw a picture of a setting or celebrity.  Take a picture of your work in progress (at least 3 pictures) with yourself in the picture.
  • Find a task to learn: Record or document your progress with a particular task.  Examples: solving a rubrix cube, learning soduko, juggling objects in different patterns, songs on an instrument, creating a song, learning caligraphy, learning origami, or just ask me how you could do something.

Section 2. Physical Resources (create a short video of you completing these challenges)

  • My Weekly Trek: A trek is a journey made by foot.  Choose between biking, riding or running you way to a distance challenge of your choice.  You will document your challenge using a Google Draw in Google Classroom.  See this example.
  • WCPSS Physical Activity Challenge Videos: Click on this link to view physical activities that require very little home equipment.  Follow the directions listed in the document. WCPSS Middle School Activity Videos   At the bottom of the page there is a linke to report completing the activity.  Please follow directions from that link.

Section 3. Social Resources  (capture an image of these task and place in a photo collage or short video)

  • Questions Game: Rules of the game is that you can only answer a question with a question.  This activity is an improv skill that focuses on listening, waiting your turn, and giving appropriate feedback quickly.  If it takes more than 5-seconds to comeback with a question you lose the point. Place several topics on a note card, place into a bowl pull a topic.  Agree upon a number of points you want to play to and get started. (Short video example) 
    • Example Topics: Walking into a reality show at Bestbuy, Daytime soap opera, Godzilla, Closing time at Walmart or Target, International Flight 


WCPSS Resources can be found here: https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/instructional-continuity-wcpss/learning-resources/middle-school  (You must be logged-in to Learning Central to access this site.)