Week Three Challenge (April 6th-April 9th)

Posted by Joseph Pettiford on 4/4/2020

I hope the week two challenges helped you make your week interested.  There are several details I need you to read through before viewing week three challenges.  


  • When communicating with teachers, please only use your school email address.  This is a WCPSS expectation of digital citizenship.  Please honor that expectation. (I will not respond to questions or emails not addressed via student emails or confirmed parent addresses.)
  • Meetings: I enjoyed seeing you guys last week in our Google Meets. All assignments going forward are with the purpose of feedback and continued learning.  I will use all digital meeting time to give feedback and guidance regarding what should be happening during a week. During the meeting you will need to text your questions in and I will answer them as we go. 
    • Non-mandatory meetings next week will be based on the schedule below: (apology for fuzziness) Wk 3 Scehdule  
  • Digtial Tech to become familiar with:
    • Flipgrid
    • Wevideo or MoviePro: Will be used to edit your video artifacts/evidence of a healthy lifestyle practices
    • Screencastify
    • Google Suite (Docs, Draw, Sheets, Forms, Slides, and Calendar)

Week Three Challenges

Due to county expectations, you will need to complete 1 challenge from each section per week. See your choices below.  

Reflection Question: What activities did you accomplish to improve or maintain your physical health last week?   (AnswerGarden)


Mental/Emotional Resources (Take a picture of your choice and write a short description about it, place in Google Draw)

  • Make a schedule: Increase your personal leadership skills by creating a schedule and sticking with it!!! Allow some flexibility. Some scheduling guidelines:  
    • wake-up time, quiet/self-time 2x per day, reflection time, fitness time 2x per day, nap time, mental challenge time 2x per day, food planning, social time 2x per day, chill time 2 x per day, bed time
  • Read a book or several: Books may be boring, so choose interesting books!!!!  If you have a Wake County Public Library card you can use Libby to check out digital audio or digital print copies of books.  
  • FLIPGRID Challenge:  Respond to one question from each sphere in the image below.  

Physical Resources (create a short video of you completing these challenges)

  • Fitness Calendar: Create a workout routine using the Google files shared with you in Classroom back in the second quarter.  Remember, having a goal or purpose to your workout will help you stay focused on accomplishing it each day.  Below you will find some resources for home workouts:
  • Deck Challenge: Get a deck of cards and make fitness challenges for each color or suit of cards.  The number on the card represent the number of repetitions to complete. (Use the link above to change-up muscle groups and exercises) See example here.
  • Limited indoor or outdoor space: If you can't get outside, there are still other fitness options.  Create a yoga routine(link to apps, choose free apps) or use a video to guide your through the movements.  You can also choose to do things like deep clean your house, organize or rearrange a room (get parent permission first).
  • Using Fitness Wearables: If you have a smartwatch, smartband, or other fitness wearable start exploring how to use it.  In the coming weeks I will be sharing how we will monitor your fitness going forward.  If you do not have a fitness wearable, that is okay.  You will still have opportunites to participate in the challenges through manually recording your heartrate or a health-log/journal. Identify which level you consistently reach. 
    • You will need to choose the appropriate fitness challenge for you: 
      • American Heart Association level:150-minutes of physical activty a week (30-minutes/day at least 5-day/week or 21-mins/day a week)
      • Shape America for MS/HS students level: 225-minutes of physical activity a week (45-minutes/day at least 5 days/week or 32-minutes/day a week)
      • President's Council on Sports,Fitness,and Nutrition level: 300-minutes of physical activity week (60-minutes/day at least 5 days/week or 43-minutes/day a week)

Social Resources  (capture an image of these task and place in a photo collage)

  • Facetime or Duo Friends: Check your app, but often you can video chat with up to eight or more people.  Here is an example that combines Mental/Emotional, Social and Physical.
  • Create a PodCast: Create a video or audio podcast about a topic that interests you! Ask a friend to join. Remember to do your research first and then start your show.  There are probably a lot of resources (adults) at home to help you.  Here is the link we used earlier this year as a guideline for podcasts.  More to come on this!!!
  • Encourage an immediate neighbor check in:  Choose to eat one meal daily in a place where you and your neighbors can talk, but not break social distancing standards.  Choose a courtyard, tennis courts, front or back yard, balcony or driveway.  Choose anywhere that allows you to freely talk but keep at least 6 feet away from people (use caution)
  • Create a photo collage: That's right go through your photo roll and choose at least 5 pictures to create a collage. No explanation needed.  Not sure what a collage is, view this. Must be school appropriate images. Can be done in Google Draw, using a phone app or an analog picture of your creation.  Choose a theme below:
    • Getting Older
    • Building Friends
    • Family Together
    • Best Times
    • My Hobby
    • Places I've been or Want to Go


WCPSS Resources can be found here: https://sites.google.com/wcpss.net/instructional-continuity-wcpss/learning-resources/middle-school  (You must be logged-in to Learning Central to access this site.)