Message from Principal

Dear Parents, 
Thank you for your unwavering support as we transition into the time of year when we create student schedules. As a reminder, this is the first time that you've been given the opportunity to choose the Virtual Academy or Plan B/Plan B-Transition.  With the new options, comes a learning curve for us as we figure out the best way to create the schedules.  Please be patient with us as we schedule some of the students by computer and some by hand-scheduling. 
When the schedules are ready, I will notify you.
Remember, every wcpss student will need a device to complete their school work this year.  To ensure that each student has a device, wcpss sent a survey to you requesting information about your child's access to an electronic device and internet access.  Please understand that if you have a device that your child(ren) will use, you must have enough devices for every school age child in your household to use. If you do not have one-to-one access, please indicate your need on the survey. 
As we rebrand our school, thank you to the parents and students who are painting a section of wall while social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment.  For more information about the painting efforts, please see the PTSA link located under the Parents tab at the top of our website homepage.  Follow us on Twitter to keep up with what's happening at our school. 
If you have any concerns or questions, please contact me at During the work week, I will respond within 24 hours. Friday, after 6 p.m. through the weekend, I will respond within 48 hours. (I need a little rest, too.)
In partnership, 
Pamela Perry Johnson, Principal
Fred J. Carnage GT-AIG Magnet Middle School
1425 Carnage Drive
Raleigh, North Carolina  27610