Read a Book Get A Book

FWES Partners with Cary Rotary International to support Literacy

read a book FWES thanks Cary Rotary International for their partnership to support the Read A Book Get A Book Literacy initiative. The PTA and school were presented with $500 to use to purchase reading material for struggling readers. Readers get to select texts and the books are the student's to keep in their home library. When they can read the book successfully and bring it back to school to read with an adult volunteer, they may then select another book to keep and practice reading. We appreciate Emily Dean, our literacy coach, and our PTA Rotary Reader volunteers for supporting this project. It is essential that students have books at home to read and to practice the skills they are learning in school and this program allows students to build a personal collection while also getting 1 on 1 time with an adult to practice reading.