Aug 20-24th

Posted by Michael Dunton on 8/19/2018

This week in class is a busy one. Students have their 13 Colonies projects (Presentations and Commercials) due in class on Monday. We will begin presenting Monday.

On Tuesday students will be taking their cummulative 50 States/Capitals Test. They have been doing extremely well on the quizzes so I look forward to the same on this test. Thursday will be the Geography Test. This test will cover the locations of the states, some geographic features-Mountains, Oceans, Great Lakes, Mississippi River, and bordering countries. Again, these quizzes have shown the students knowledge of the map broken into small chunks so this test should just be putting it all together. I have no dobut that all of the students will do well on these two exams. 

Later this week we will begin to look at the success of the 13 Colonies and how that success eventually led to the push for independence from Great Britain. 

Here are some important upcoming dates for Social Studies class:

Tuesday Aug 21-50 States/Captials Test

Thursday Aug 23-US Geography Test

Friday Aug 24-13 Colonies Review Video Due

Tuesday Aug 28-French and Indian War Video Due

Thursday Aug 30-British Policies that led to Revolution Video Due


For a more detailed look at our week in class click Aug 20-24th for the weekly agenda.