Dec. 12-16

Posted by Christopher Bechard on 12/12/2016 7:00:00 AM

  1. All missing work is due by the end of the day Tuesday. Grades are due for 8.3 Teachers Thursday.
  2. Our Crystal Coast/Tryon Palace Field Trip is April 19. Please review the itinerary/payment information sent home with your child. The cost is $81 and payment/permission slip is due March 3.

 This week in 8/3:

Math 8: Students will begin unit 7 on pythagorean theorem. Unit 7 test will be Monday Dec 19th. It will be their first grade of the 3rd quarter. 

Math 1:Students will be working on finishing up unit 3 dealing with inequalities and systems of inequalities. Their unit 3 test will be Monday Dec 19th. It will be their first grade in the 3rd quarter.  

Language Arts:  We will be reviewing figurative language. There are no more tests until after the holidays. New reading logs will start in January.

Social Studies: Students will continue their study of Unit 6: The Civil War. Students will test on the unit on Tuesday, Dec. 20. 

Science: This week, we will finish the Oceans section of our Hydrosphere Unit and begin the last part of the unit on water quality. There will be a quiz this Wednesday, December 14. Review ISN pgs. 23-34.