Sept. 26-30

Posted by Christopher Bechard on 9/26/2016 6:00:00 AM

  1. Friday is an early release day. Report cards will be sent home with students. 

 This week in 8/3:

Math 8: Math 8 students took their unit 4 test on scientific notation today 9/26. They will receive it back tomorrow. They will begin their study of equations this week.

Math 1: Students received their unit 2 part 1 quiz back today. It was reviewed in class. They will now be using what they leared in unit 2 part 1 in application situations. 

Language Arts:  We are continuing our study of Shakespeare. New reading logs will begin on Monday, Oct. 3.

Social Studies: Students will be continuing their study of the American Revolution, with a focus on the Revolutionary War. Students will have their Unit 3: American Revolution test Monday, Oct. 3.

Science: We will wrap up the properties and changes section of our chemistry unit and take a quiz tomorrow (09/27). Review ISN pgs. 61-68 to prepare for this assessment. Later this week, we will move into the last part of our chemistry unit by looking at chemical reactions and chemical equations.