Sept. 19-23

Posted by Christopher Bechard on 9/19/2016 7:00:00 AM

  1. We are still looking for parent volunteers for the Sept. 29 field trip to Duke University. Email Mr. Bechard ( if you are interested. You must be approved through WCPSS to chaperone.
  2. We are still missing interim cover letters from several students. If you haven't returned your child's cover letter, please do so.
  3. Any missing work for quarter 1 is due Friday, Sept. 23.

 This week in 8/3:

Math 8: Students will continue working with scientific notation. They will be multiplying, dividing, adding, and subtracting numbers in scienfific notation. Their unit 4 test will be 9/26. 

Math 1: Students will complete their investigation of linear equations. They will continue working with the equation y=mx+b. They will have a quiz on Friday 9/23. 

Language Arts:  We are beginning our study of Shakespeare this week. READING LOGS ARE DUE BEFORE FRIDAY. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF WEEK 8 IS COMPLETE. There will be a vocabulary test next Monday, Sept. 26.

Social Studies: Students are continuing their study of the American Revolution by examining the Boston Massacre, The Mecklenburg Resolves and Paul Revere's Ride. Students have a quiz Tuesday on vocabulary and flipped video 3A.

Science: We are moving into the physical and chemical properties and changes part of our chemistry unit this week. Every day, students should review the material covered in class in order to better grasp the ideas and concepts presented in class.