Why coming to class prepared with your 1-inch, 3-ring Art notebook (binder) and a traditional pencil are important.

Posted by Teresa LaBiche on 8/23/2018

Having your Art notebook and a traditional pencil for class each day impacts the ability to be organized, stay on task, and experience success in the Art classroom. Ultimately, not being able to reference information covered in class and/ or not having the proper materials each day does impact graded work.

Students are required to have a 1-inch 3-Ring Binder just for this class- their ART notebook.  This notebook is our personal "textbook" and contains notes, handouts, visual works, etc. and is used as a quick reference for the class.  

Students are required to maintain this notebook.  It may be stored in the flat file area designated for their class.

A traditional pencil is used in class because of its versatility.  A traditional pencil allows you to create both consistent lines and create values (tones/ shading).  A mechanical pencil does not.

Students are required to bring a traditional pencil, agenda, Art notebook, and other necessary art materials to class each day.