Monday, April 6- Friday, April 10

Posted by Suzanne Laggenbauer on 5/6/2019

L.A. Announcements:


1. End of Unit #1 Assessment is Wednesday, 5/8.




Monday, 5/6:

Today in class we read "Growing Up Digital". 

1. Review Quizlet for vocabulary that will be on the End of Unit #1 Assessment on Wednesday, 5/8.


Tuesday, 5/7:

Today in class we answered text dependent questions over "Growing Up Digital". We also worked on Main Idea/ Supporting Ideas and vocabulary in preparation for tomorrow's assessment.

1. Quizlet

2. Main Idea/Supporting Ideas


Wednesday, 5/8:

Today in class we began our End of Unit #1 Assessment.

1. No Homework!


Thursday, 5/9:

Today in class we finished our End of Unit #1 Assessment

1. No Homework!


Friday, 5/10:

Today in class we read and discussed the AAP's (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommendation for children's use of screen time. 

1. Finish your portion of the reading.