Monday, April 22-26

Posted by Suzanne Laggenbauer on 4/23/2019

L.A. Announcements:



1. Mid-Unit #1 Assessment is Wednesday, 4/24.





Tuesday, 4/23:

Today in class we practiced for our Mid-Unit #1 Assessment. Students watched a video and analyzed it for Main Idea and Supporting Ideas. This is the same skill they will be asked to complete for their assessment tomorrow.

1. Summarizing Main Idea and Supporting Details (p.39)


Wednesday, 4/24:

Today in class we took Mid-Unit #1 Assessment.

1. Summarize Your Learning (p.42)


Thursday, 4/25:

Today in class we finished Mid-Unit #1 Assessment.

1. No Homework!


Friday, 4/26:

Today in class we continued to read about "The Digital Revolution and the Adolescent Brain Evolution"

1. No Homework!