Monday, April 8- Friday, April 12

Posted by Suzanne Laggenbauer on 4/8/2019

L.A. Announcements:


1. Children's book on Frederick Douglass is due at the beginning of the period on Wednesday, 4/10.


2. Student Led Conferences will be held Wednesday, 4/10.


3. Due to our DRMS server upgrade, there will be no wifi on campus Monday, 4/15 and Tuesday, 4/16.




Monday, 4/8:

Today in class students continue to work on their children's book over Frederick Douglass. I have adjusted the due date based upon student progress for this project.

1. Children's Book on Frederick Douglass due Wednesday.


Tuesday, 4/9:

Today in is our last day in class to work on the children's book on Frederick Douglass.

1. Children's book on Frederick Douglass due tomorrow at the beginning of the period.


Wednesday, 4/10:

Frederick Douglass children's books are due today! We shared our children's books in small groups today. Students also spent time preparing for tonight's Student Led Conferences.

1. Student Led Conferences- No Homework!


Thursday, 4/11:

Today in class we are beginning Module 4: This Is Your Brain- Plugged In. Students began to list domain-specific vocabulary (science-related) for the module. We also read the article: "Teens and Decision Making: What Brain Science Reveals".

1. Informational Text Structure Map Graphic Organizer" (p.6)


Friday, 4/12:

Today in class we are exploring the structure of an informational text by locating the main idea, background, and supporting details from the article "The Teen Brain: It's Just Not Grown Up Yet".

1. Student Led Conferences. Children's book over Frederick Douglass due Monday.