Monday, February 25- Friday, March 1

Posted by Suzanne Laggenbauer on 2/25/2019

L.A. Announcements:


1. Mid-Unit #3 Assessment (part 1) on Friday, 3/1.




Monday, 2/25:

Today in class students discussed the difference between a summary and a narrative in preparation of writing our children's books about the Frederick Douglass.

1. Bring in picture books.


Tuesday, 2/26:

Today in class students completed a scavenger hunt using the picture books they brought into class. In preparation for writing our own children's books over the life of Frederick Douglass, students found pieces of the narrative arc (setting, main characters, central conflict, etc...).

1. Reread your chosen excerpt (1-6) for your children's book. Underline sentences within the excerpt to borrow for your children's book that give character development, sensory details, and dialogue. 


Wednesday, 2/27:

Today in class students finished their Children's Book Scavenger Hunt and began planning their own children's book.

1. 2/5 pages of Children's Book Plan. (All 5 are due by the beginning of class on Friday.)


Thursday, 2/28:

Today in class students are working on their Children's Book Plan. They will also begin to prepare for Friday's Writer's Roundtable assessment.

1. Prepare for Mid-Unit #3 Assessment: Writer's Roundtable

2. Finish pages 1-5 in Children's Book Plan.

3. Putting Sentences Together (p.12)


Friday, 3/1:

Today in class students will participate in their Mid-Unit #3 Assessment (part 1), the Writer's Roundtable.

1. No Homework!