August 1-9

Posted by Nicole Earnest on 8/1/2019 11:15:00 AM

Happy New School Year


We have had a great start in all classes everyone seems to be working hard and has adjusted to new schedules grades and teachers.  It was nice to have my first ever track out.


Compacted math

Our first unit of student involves integers.  We have started working with absolute value and ordering integers and now we are moving into using operations with integers.  All students in compacted math have been given the google classroom code gqj5zmg and know to access the videos.  I am assigning a project that will be due on August 12.  I am looking foward to seeing the hard work that they will put into these timelines.


Math 2

The first unit of study in math 2 is very geometry based.  We spend all of our time reviewing skills that we learned in 6th grade doing tranformations.  we do take it a different level of difficulty.  The first wuiz will be on August 5