Week of April 23-27

Posted by Nicole Earnest on 4/23/2018 2:30:00 PM

6th Grade

This week track 1 will be completing the probability unit.  I anticipate the test taking place on Thursday.  That will conclude all of our units of study for the year and we wil then spend the rest of our year reviewing for the EOG which for track 1 takes place on May 24.  Track 4 took a test on triangles today and we will now start work on the data and statistics unit.


7th grade

All students are hard at work learning how to work with parabolas.  We have been foiling and factoring and solving using quadratic equations.  All tracks can find the x intercepts and the y intercept, and the vertex.  Depending on the track all tudents are at different places in unit 7 but everyone is working with a common goal in mind.


Track 1 EOC May 29

Tracks 2,3,4 EOC June 20


8th Grade

Today and tomorrow everyone will be working with Proofs.  We learned them back in august and now that we are reviewing it seems to be much easier for the entire class!  Starting either Wednesday or Thursday I will give tracks 1 and 2 a review packet of the entire year to work on in preparation for the exam, while track 4 completes a few more tasks to review that the other tracks have already completed before they get their packet.

Track 1 exam May 29

Track 2, 3, 4 exam June 20