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Posted by Janet Holland on 3/26/2018

Focus: India

Students will begin their study of India. Students will examine the geography, religion, achievements, political system, economics and social structure of the ancient civilizations of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.  Students will compare and analyze these civilizations with other ancient river civilizations.

The Social Studies India Quiz -April 5th.

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Online textbook:   *Students have their own password and username.

Blue textbook- pages 542-551- Indian Subcontinent

 Important Dates


Monday:  Physical Geography- Read and Outline –pages 542-545

Tuesday:  Early Civilizations- Read and Outline  -pages 472--477

Wednesday: Hinduism –Read and Outline pages 478-483

Thursday:  Buddhism- Read and Outline pages 484-489

Friday: - No homework