Trojan Club Athletic Scholarship: Due date - 03/18/2020

Posted by Stacy Davidson on 1/13/2020

Application Requirements

1.  All applicants will receive the same considerations. An interview with the Scholarship Selection Committee may be requested.


2.  Have a minimum weighted grade point average of 3.0.


3.  Have participated in sports for 3 years (including senior year).


4.  All athletes, cheerleaders, managers and trainers are eligible to apply.


5.  Have been accepted at an institution of higher education.


6.  Submit a transcript of grades with application.


7.  Submit one letter of recommendation from someone other than a coach.


8.  List all other scholarships for which you have applied and/or received.


9. Detach the coach’s evaluation and give to your coach to complete & return to you in a sealed envelope with his/her signature across the back sealed flap (must be on GMHS coaching staff).  Please remind your coach the evaluation must be returned to you.  All materials due by the deadline.


Completed application and all materials are due to Counsleor Mrs. Davidson by March 18, 2020, at 2:30pm.


Trojan Club Athletic Scholarship Application