October 19-30th

Posted by Lewis Nelson on 10/21/2020


Welcome to our three-week unit on ancient Egyptian civilization.  Here are the topics that will be covered in the first 10 days.


Learning Target: Describe the relationship between the geographic location of natural resources and the economic development in the Nile River valley

Monday 10/19: Map the major geographic features of Egypt and the location of historic sites along the Nile River

Tuesday 10/20: Examine the impact of the Nile River on Egyptian agriculture


Learning Target: Explain the origin, structure, and effect of the pharaoh's rule over the Nile River Valley

Wednesday 10/21: (No Google Meet) Lives of Pharaohs

Thursday 10/22: Student research


Learning Target: Examine the social pyramid of ancient Egypt. Assess how each class contributed to the civilization's general welfare. Explain how the economic choices affected the quality of life for each class.

Friday 10/23: Social Pyramid 

Monday 10/26 Explain the contributions of each class in the social Pyramid


Learning Target: Examine the belief system and mythology of ancient Egypt

Tuesday 10/27 Examine Egyptian deities (gods)

Wednesday 10/28 (No Google Meet) Mummification edpuzzle video

Thursday10/29 Research an Egyptian god or goddess

Friday 10/30 Review how to write persuasively then write a persuasive paragraph on why a chosen god was the most important for a major grade.