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Panther News, 9/2/22

Jones Dairy Elementary School
Altonia Bransome, Principal
1100 Jones Dairy Road
Wake Forest, N.C. 27587

tel: (919) 562-6181
fax: (919) 670-4388

JDE Weekly Parent Update 9/2/2022

JDE Families,

Have a great Labor Day weekend!


Updates for this Week:​​​​​​​

  • Please Read--Fall Picture Dates--Students will be taking fall photos in September. Additional information will be sent home with students.

    • Wednesday, 09/07/22       Fall yearbook, Tracks 1/3

    • Wednesday, 09/21/22       Fall yearbook, Tracks 2/4

  • Please read WCPSS Board Policies--All parents are encouraged to read these board policies:

    • Student Behavior/Code of Conduct (Policy 4309)--A safe, orderly, and welcoming school environment is essential for student learning.  To that end, this Code of Student Conduct is intended to (1) create clear standards and expectations for student behavior; (2) promote integrity and self-discipline among students; (3) encourage the use of behavioral supports and interventions as alternatives to exclusionary discipline; and (4) provide clear guidance to teachers and administrators as to how, when, and to what extent students may be disciplined for violating conduct rules. Please click on this link here.

    • Honor Code (Policy 4310)-- Academic honesty is essential to excellence in education and is directly related to the Board's educational objectives for students to promote integrity and self-discipline in students. Please click on the link here.

    • Dress Code (Policy 4316)--Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance. Please click on the link here


Volunteer Registration Information for 2022-2023

  • Volunteer Registration for 2022-2023--This year each classroom will be offering volunteer opportunities, and we will need volunteers for field day, fun days, and field trips. Please read the guidance below for the 2022-2023 school year. 
    • Current volunteers--Current volunteers who were approved for the 2021-22 school year do not have to register again this year.
      • Please email Ms. Sandra Cosby at if you would like to check your current approval status. 
    • New Volunteers--All new volunteer applicants must register and have an approved criminal record check prior to engaging in volunteer work. 

      • New volunteer applicants may go to any WCPSS work site and register through by selecting the Community tab, and then selecting Volunteer

      • Applicants will be notified by email once their application has been approved.

      • Applicants who are not approved will receive notice from Employee Relations.

    • Registration Process for WCPSS Employees Who Want to Volunteer--Although WCPSS employees do not have to go through a criminal record check to volunteer, they do need to register. 

    • How do I register at JDE? Parents may register at our school Monday-Friday anytime between 9:30 am and 3:00 pm. 

      • Please bring your license and ring the front doorbell to let our staff know you are here to register to be a volunteer.  

  • YMCA Before and After School Program--Jones Dairy Elementary School has before and after school care that is run by the Kerr Family YMCA.  If you would like additional information please see the After school Information Flyer (1).pdf . 


Parent Reminders for this Year

  • Student Check Out--Students can be checked in and out via the iPad at the main entrance. ​

    • Please be sure to bring your photo identification for pick up.

  • Morning arrival--Parents are still welcome to park and drop off in the mornings at the front door or use the carpool system.

  • Safety--Please complete a white locator card so that we have the most up to date information. 

  • COVID-19--We continue to see a rise in cases. Please inform your child's teacher if they are diagnosed with COVID.

  • If you are going to need a Carpool/Walker Number or Tag (because you do not currently have one); please fill out the information on the form linked below.  Mr. Rashleigh will get your new carpool/walker tag to you as soon as he can.

  • Carpool and Walkers will be dismissed by their Carpool/Walker number from the multipurpose room.
    • Parents/Guardians will need to have a JDE issued Carpool/Walker Tag in their possession in order to pick up their child(ren).
    • Dismissal for all walkers begins at 3:40 PM.  We will dismiss all walkers prior to loading students in cars so that we can ensure that the sidewalks are free of pedestrians before vehicles start moving to maintain the safety of all students and staff.

      1. Students that are designated as walkers will be dismissed beginning at 3:40pm from the Multipurpose Room beside the cafeteria by their walker number.  If you indicate that your child will be designated as a walker, a parent, guardian, or responsible adult must be on campus and be in possession of their assigned JDE Walker/Carpool Tag by 3:40pm.  At 3:45pm we will begin to load carpool students and parents who wish to pick up a student as a walker will need to do so at the front office.  

      2. If you or a designated person (their names MUST be on the student’s locator card) comes to pick up a student without a JDE Walker/Carpool Tag, you will need to park and go to the office to provide identification to pick up the student.

      3. All kindergarten parents/guardians/emergency contact(s) will be required to pick up, per WCPSS Board Policy; Kindergarten students are not permitted to walk home with a sibling.​

      4. At 4:05 pm any students that are still waiting to be picked up through carpool will be brought to the front office


With pride,

Altonia Bransome, Principal



JDE PTA Updates


  • A HUGE THANK YOU to all that participated in our GoPlaySave Coupon Book Fundraiser, JDE PTA was able to raise $9,300 from the sales!!! This is a BIG step towards our $40,000 goal to renovate the school's Media Center. 
  • Panther Pride FUN RUN is BACK at JDE and we're so excited for our students to have this experience while raising money for our Media Center. There are several volunteer opportunities prior to each RUN and during the actual events! See the sign up links below!