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Panther News, 8/1/20


Summer Update 7/31/2020


Panther Parents,

Happy Friday! I have many updates this week, so I apologize for the lengthy message. Have a nice, relaxing weekend!


  • Information for the opening of School--We greatly appreciate your patience as we work to prepare for this upcoming school year. We are working extremely hard so that we can provide you with critical information as soon as possible.  This is an abbreviated list of what you can expect to receive during the week of August 10:
    • Homeroom Teacher Assignment
    • Schedule information--
      • Schedule for Orientation Weeks, August 17-28
      • Regular Schedule Information, 
    • First Quarter Supply List Information
    • WakeConnect Student login information
    • Library Book Checkout Information
  • Save the Date for Meet the Team Presentations--47% of our students will be participating in virtual academy starting on August 17.  Since the second Virtual Academy enrollment period is closed, we are now able to finalize teacher assignments for virtual academy and Plan B classrooms.  Our Virtual Academy and Plan B teachers will work closely together to ensure that all of our students receive the same engaging and rigorous instruction. Since they will be planning together, sharing resources, and may even be team teaching, we would like for all our families to have the opportunity to meet the teachers on each grade level.   
  • This is the schedule for JDE Meet the Team Presentations on Thursday, August 13:
    • Pre-Kindergarten-12:00 pm
    • Kindergarten- 12 pm
    • First Grade- 12:30 pm
    • Second Grade- 1 pm
    • Third Grade- 1:30 pm
    • Fourth Grade- 2 pm
    • Fifth Grade- 2:30 pm
      • Meeting codes for grade level presentations will be sent out by August 12.
      • Grade level presentations will be recorded and available for families after each event.
      • Students will have opportunities for individual conferences with their teachers during the orientation weeks. 
      • Parents will have the opportunity to meet with teachers in a small virtual setting during the month of August. 
  • Virtual Academy Letters--The Virtual Academy deadline was Wednesday.  All parents that have signed their students up for virtual academy will receive a confirmation letter by the end of the day from Mr. Saeva, our Virtual Academy Contact.  If you have any questions about your letter please e-mail Mr. Saeva at
  • New Bell Schedule for 2020-2021 School Year--All multi-track year round schools switched to the Track 4 schedule over the summer.  In order to make up some of the missed instructional time due to the later start of our school year, we have 15 minutes added to our bell schedule.  JDE's new bell schedule is 9:15 am- 4 pm. 
  • Single Subject Acceleration (SSA)--
    • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic schools were forced to close March 13, 2020.  The closure of school prevented students from participating in the testing necessary to qualify for Single Subject Acceleration (SSA).  Students are typically tested in the Spring of the previous school year for an accelerated placement for the upcoming school year. As a result of COVID-19, the Advanced Learning Service team has created testing plans to respond to the instructional environments that may take place during the 2020-2021 school year. 
    • 2019-2020 test requests already collected will still be valid and these students will be tested in the fall of 2020. Families will also have the option to request SSA testing within the 1st ten-days once the buildings are open. All students whose parents requested Single Subject Acceleration (SSA) will be assessed within the first 30 days that the buildings are open. Testing will occur between the 11th & the 30th day of schools being open. Students meeting the scoring qualification will be placed in the accelerated course no later than the 7th week in the building. Schedule changes and adjustments are at the discretion of the Principal.
    • Virtual School Option: Students who have opted for virtual school based on health reasons, will have the option of online SSA testing.  Students who are following the   virtual option, will be tested using the calendar option or schedule that the school has assigned.
    • If you are interested in SSA please complete the request form.  Please e-mail your form to Mrs. Linstruth at or you may bring it to the school during office hours.  
  • Immunizations--As of now, state lawmakers have not made any adjustments or exceptions to the immunization and health assessment requirements for students enrolled for face-to-face instruction or for the Virtual Academy. This includes requirements for kindergarteners, 7th graders, and seniors.
  • Free/Reduced Meals--To apply for free or reduced-price meals, you can do so online by visiting Paper applications will always be made available throughout ALL Wake County Public Schools, Crossroads, and at Central Office, or you can call 919-588-3535 or 919-856-2920 to have one mailed to you. For more information, please visit this site

PTA News

  • Please check out the newsletter for next month:  JDE PTA August Newsletter 
  • JDE Movie Night--We are excited for our first movie night.  Please note that social distancing will be observed.  We hope to see you there!

With pride,

Altonia Bransome, Principal



JDE Summer Office Hours until August 14, 2020--Our summer office hours will be Tuesdays from 8:45 am -12:30 pm, and Thursdays from 12-3 pm.  Please note that face coverings are mandatory on campus and within the building. The safety of our staff and families continues to be a top priority.

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