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HES Announcements 7.10.20

HES Announcements 7.10.20


It is my greatest hope that all of our HES families are remaining healthy during this extended time away from school. I hope you are engaging in family walks, games and events to make life-long memories. 

As we prepare for the upcoming school year it is ESSENTIAL that if  your plans have changed and your child will not be attending Heritage Elementary this year please email ASAP. Every student counts and makes a difference in our staffing and planning for the  year.



Last Thursday, WCPSS BOE approved the recommendation to begin the school year while maintaining social distancing in classrooms and on buses. In order to do this the students at each school will be divided into 3 different cohorts – A, B and C.  Each cohort will attend 1 day of school each week for the first two weeks. The purpose of this is to build relationships and familiarize students with the digital platforms to be used during remote learning. Subsequent weeks will be as follows:

  • Week of August 31: Cohort A comes to school; Cohort B and C engage in remote learning
  • Week of Sept 7: Cohort B comes to school; Cohorts A and C engage in remote learning
  • Week of Sept 14: Cohort C comes to school; Cohorts A and B engage in remote learning
  • Cycle repeats


Cohorts are being determined by transportation routes.  Schools will receive the cohorts including bus riders and then we will add students that have declined transportation (see below).  It is my hope that families will know their cohort by the beginning of August.


Multi-track year-round schools will all follow the Single Track 4 calendar with students’ first day being August 17. 


I can assure you that our staff is currently working diligently to ensure we maintain student ands staff safety as our primary function. In addition, we are examining several instructional models to ensure students are receiving high quality core instruction when they are engaged in face to face learning at school as well as during remote learning.  When schools closed on March 13 our goal during remote learning was to maintain the learning that had occurred and reduce loss, HOWEVER, remote learning now will be very different with attendance being taken daily and  the intent to learn and teach.


Virtual Academy:

WCPSS is establishing a virtual academy as an option for families for the 2020-2021 school.  Applications are available beginning today online.  Applications must be submitted by July 20,2020.  You can access more information on the WCPSS website.





  • The deadline to decline transportation service has been extended to Monday, July 13 at 5 p.m.
  • If you were a bus rider last year and you are considering registering for the Virtual Academy but have not yet decided, you do not have to decline your seat at this time.
  • If you were a bus rider and do register for the Virtual Academy, you will be automatically removed from the transportation system for the first semester of school. You will be automatically assigned to the bus again if and when schools reopen on a normal schedule with all students in the building.


Positivity Project:

Our school will be implementing the Positivity Project this year.  The vision of the Positivity Project is to create citizens and leaders who will enhance our communities and country by internalizing the belief that “Other People Matter.” Positive psychology’s scientifically validated 24 character strengths serve as its foundation. Positive psychology teaches that people have all 24 strengths within them – and that character is not just skills or behaviors, but rather an intrinsic part of each of us. It is a school-wide endeavor, grounded in the consistency of daily classroom instruction. Their model is holistic; it incorporates students, educators, and parents through regular interaction with character strengths vocabulary and concepts.

The Project teaches children by acknowledging that the 24 character strengths are already a part of who they are as people. It helps them to realize that each and every one of them have these strengths. There is no system in place to reward students who demonstrate “Good Character”. Rewards are fun to earn but they are finite because they are external. We want children to internalize the traits that society honors. Acknowledgement to oneself and realizing that you have the power to effect others in a positive way is much more meaningful and rewarding.

We would love for you to take an active role in your child’s character strength education. By using the character strengths vocabulary and having discussions about the concepts, you will help your child understand the character in themselves and others in a different light.  We will communicate the strengths via our website and FB as we address them at school.


School Supplies:

Now that we know what school will look like for the 20-21 school year grade level teams are busy revising their student supply lists.  We will have them posted on the website as they are updated for convenience.  If at all possible, a personal supply that would be a great investment would be a personal device (ie: Chromebook) that you student can use at school and during remote learning.